MMM - Massive Midi Modulator

The Massive Midi Modulator (MMM) expands the sonic soundscape of MIDI-controlled devices (such as the Nord Drum 2) by simultaneously modulating a large number of Midi CC parameters. Each parameter can be modulated rhythmically (based on a MIDI clock), randomly and/or based on common LFO waveforms. In total, the MMM modulates 28 MIDI CC controllers on 6 separate MIDI channels resulting in a total of 168 independently controlled MIDI CC parameters. In addition, it uses an accelerometer to interactively control the range of controller values by rotating the device.

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Getting started

The MMM controls 28 MIDI CC parameters individually on 7 MIDI channels. By default it is preprogrammed to control the Nord Drum 2 but individual MIDI CC assignments can be configured using the WebMidi-based MIDI map configurator.

When connecting the MMM device to a computer via USB, it acts as a USB midi interface. All MIDI messages sent to the MMM are forwarded to the connected MIDI device.

The left column controls four different modes which are explained in detail below:

To get started with the Nord Drum 2, see also the ND2 setup section below.

Channel View

The "Channel" View allows you to select one of 7 separate MIDI channels for each of which an individual modulation configuration can be defined. In other words, a modulation configuration on MIDI channel 1 is independent from any modulation configuration on other MIDI channels.

The first row (buttons 1.1-1.7) enables/disables (mutes) the full MIDI channels. If a MIDI channel is muted, the currently selected Mode key turns red and all MIDI output on this channel is disabled. The buttons below (2.1-4.1 for channel 1), (2.2-4.2 for channel 2), etc. select the channel to be edited via the mute, speed and modulation view.

Note: The mute, speed and modulation views only control the MIDI CC parameters of the currently selected MIDI channel. When you switch the view to a different MIDI channel, its configuration keeps playing in the background.

Mute view

In the "Mode View", the MMM visualizes the mute state of each Midi CC parameter. A red light disables MIDI output. A green light indicates active MIDI output.

Control: Each button press toggles the mute state of a controller. By pressing two buttons simultaneously, all buttons within a rectangle between the pressed buttons are toggled.

Note that the full channel can be muted to in the Channel View, see above.

Speed view

The "Speed View" controls the modulation speed of each controller based on an external MIDI clock or if not present, it is based on an internal fixed clock running at 120bpm.

Each controller is initially initialized with speed "slow". By pressing the controller buttons, the modulation speed switches between the predefined tempos:

Control: Each button press switches to the next speed. By pressing two buttons simultaneously, all buttons within a rectangle between the pressed buttons are changed.

Notes: the speed visualization is always a blue pulsing sine independent from the selected waveform.

Modulation view

The "Modulation View" controls the modulation type of each controller. By pressing the controller keys, the modulation type rotates over the following modulation types:

Initially all controllers are set to sine modulation.

Control: Each button press rotates to the next modulation type. By pressing two buttons simultaneously, all buttons within a rectangle between the pressed buttons are changed.

Accelerometer control

An internal accelerometer is used to map the orientation of the device to the parameter range of the MIDI CC controllers. In horizontal position, the full range of controller values (typically 0-127) is used. When rotated 90 degrees to the left, the range reduces towards small parameter values (0-1). Respectively, a rotation 90 degrees to the right limits the range to larger values (126-127).


Randomization is fun! By long-pressing (1 sec) the mode buttons, the following configurations are randomized:

Channel reset

By simultaneously pressing the "Mute" and "Channel" button, all parameters on the currently selected channel are reset.

Device reset

By simultaneously pressing all four mode buttons, all configuration settings are reset to default values.

Nord Drum 2 setup

The MMM individually controls each of the six drum channels of the ND2. This requires that:

To change ND2's MIDI configuration, select the channel you'd like to configure and press Shift+MIDI, then press the MIDI button again to switch through the options.

Important: Don't send any MIDI to the Nord Drum2 when you turn it on. It seems to completely deactivate MIDI control when it received MIDI CC messages during boot time.

The MIDI CC keys are mapped according to the following Nord Drums 2 MIDI CC specification:

Concept & development

Julius Kammerl, Thomas Arnberger